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DreamBuilder Program

The DreamBuilder Program

The DreamBuilder Program is a proven, reliable, repeatable system for transforming dreams into reality. You will learn that you have a part of you that encourages you to go forward and a part of you that argues for why you cannot. You will also learn that spirit is ever seeking a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of itself. The DreamBuilder System will teach you how to tap into The Infinite and connect with the life you dream of.

Life Mastery Program

Life Mastery Class

During this 6-month course, you will transform your life by developing mastery in 6 key areas of life: Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love and Transformation. Each area of mastery is equal to one month in the program. To learn more about the class, click each of the topics below.


We will learn how to work with our Intention for the good in our lives. We will also discover that there is nothing in our lives that doesn’t contain a blessing and how important forgiveness is in creating healthy relationships.


During this month, we will focus on our Health and Well-Being. Your goal is to feel good inside of your own skin and be completely happy with yourself. We will learn the importance of living in harmony with who we really are with a deep dive into the mind/body connection and how we can heal our body with the power of our minds.


During this month, we will focus on allowing more abundance into your life. You can actually build a consciousness that attracts and accepts and receives and can stabilize abundance. This month we will explore our current willingness for abundance and how to even more willing in order to activate abundance.


As we focus on manifestation this month, we will learn that we have been given the capacity to bring forth whatever we would choose to do. We will develop our capacity to manifest what we choose. As we learn to be more conscious manifesters we will study the four basic stages of awareness, and learn that getting is part of a cycle that is initiated by giving. We will learn the four things that we can put in place to help us become better manifesters.


This month, as we focus on mastery in love, we learn that everything that happens in our life gives us the opportunity for awakening, for the realization of who we are and the demonstration of our greater capacities. Our goal this month is to learn to live in relationships from a loving, expansive energy, regardless of where we are starting from. We will examine the ways that we give, receive and feel love. We will explore the most important ways that people feel loved and bring more of it into our relationships with others.


As we move into the month of Transformation, we will focus on an area of our life that we are willing to have transformed. We will notice our own resistances to Transformation and learn how to move through that resistance and get in alignment with what we would love. We will learn to implement and work with the Law of Attraction. You will discover the five steps that develop consciousness in order to transform your circumstances.

Into Your Genius Program

Into Your Genius

The Into Your Genius program is designed to help you break free from current circumstances and unlock the hidden power within to generate new results. Into Your Genius helps you harness the 6 mental faculties that we have all been gifted with as humans. These mental faculties are imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason, and perception. To learn more about the program, click each of the topics below.


Through fully learning this first faculty, you will realize that you have the ability to dream up exactly the life you’d love to live.


Intuition, is an internal guidance system for your life. It speaks to you at a spiritual level. Through it you have the ability to receive inspired insight because it’s strongly connected to the realm of infinite consciousness, intelligence, and awareness.


Will is completely different than willpower. Your Will is the ability to hold an image in your mind because you love it. Concentrating on the good you desire allows the image to sink into your subconscious mind, which is where your true power resides.


Everyone has a perfect memory. According to Bob Proctor, the only difference is that some people develop theirs consciously and others don’t! In this lesson, you will learn how to manage and develop this gift, so you can properly utilize it to achieve extraordinary results.


Reason has magnificent power to change your life. You will learn how to use your reason in the right way by building your life based on the statement, “You become what you think about.”


By discovering how to shift the way you use your Perception, you will be able to turn overwhelming challenges into insignificant road bumps on the path towards your dream. You will feel as if you just stepped into a completely different realm of possibilities for yourself and your life.
Working with the Law Program

Working with the Law

This course will study the principles outlined in “Working With the Law,” by Raymond Holliwell, a renowned teacher and critical thinker. This book is one of the most in-depth looks at the Laws of the Universe. Raymond Holliwell took the secret teachings and writings of the past, merged them with quantum science and brought these ideas into reality. To learn more about the program, click each of the topics below.


The Law of Thinking is one of the most important laws that you’re going to study and apply. This is the first step to freedom – to realize that you have control over every aspect of your life through your thinking. Your thoughts become things.


You are always seeking more and the law of your being is perpetual increase, progress and growth. There is enough abundance for everyone and you deserve every part of it! This is the essence of the Law of Supply.


The Law of Attraction basically breaks down to – you attract what you give energy to. It does no good to desire something unless you truly expect it will happen – either in part or in full. If you are manifesting, you must desire it AND expect it. This can best be described like the pull of gravity. The expectation is pulling the desire to become a reality in your life.


The Law of Receiving basically states that as you become in harmony with this Law, there is a good that makes itself available and known to you that cannot be contained. No matter how big a container you bring, it is always bigger. The more you give, the more you will receive.


The Law of Increase could actually be called the Law of Praise, because whatever you praise grows. This applies to self-confidence, money, even plants.. When you use this, you stimulate your good and bring about everything that is required to live the life you want to live –a life that is fulfilling and difference making.


Understanding the Law of Compensation helps you understand who you really are. Earl Nightingale explained it this way – “the amount of money you earn is always going to be in exact ratio to the need for what you do, your ability to do it and the difficulty there is in replacing you.” Let’s talk about getting into harmony with the Law of Compensation in your life.


The Law of Non-Resistance requires you to notice when you are holding thoughts that actually resist the greater good that would flow naturally into your life. During this study, you will learn how to release paradigms and thought patterns and live a life in harmony with the Law of Non-Resistance.


To forgive takes an evolving person. It doesn’t make a difference what faith you follow, the Law of Forgiveness is universal. The quality of forgiveness must be as limitless as faith and hope and love. If you aren’t able to forgive you will remain blocked in your path to success.


The Law of Sacrifice is about creating an image of what is possible, that will then create a feeling inside of you to move forward to achieving that image. It does mean going without – but it means going without something of a lower level to get to the higher level. Sacrifice and discipline work together in this Law.


The word obedience is about learning, understanding and living our lives according to the Laws. When you gain a deeper understanding of the Laws, you will have a great respect for them and become naturally obedient to them, not out of fear, but because you know that wonderful things will happen and grow in your life.


By understanding and working with this Law, you will become a greater and greater success. Infinite resources are at your disposal. There are no limits to your possibilities. Nothing is impossible.

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Coaching & Courses

About Mary Donatelli

Mary Donatelli

About Mary Donatelli

Mary Donatelli has a compassionate approach to guide clients seeking transformation and change in their life. Having experienced many obstacles in her own life, she understands the importance of making firm decisions and taking intentional steps. She is certified to teach multiple programs through the Brave Thinking Institute that are proven, reliable and repeatable. Mary believes it is never too late to live your dream, and absolutely loves helping others breakthrough to see their potential of infinite possibilities. With over 30 years of studying healing modalities and self-growth, as well as careers in film & TV and Corporate Executive roles, Mary brings layers of knowledge to guide each person through transformation.

When Mary is not helping others achieve their dreams, she spends her time with her adult children, family, friends and BFF’s (best furry friends). She loves hiking, kayaking and exploring the world. From wineries to small villages in Italy- she has visited over 35 countries, lived abroad and traveled to most of the U.S. She loves cooking primarily plant-based meals, practicing meditation, yoga, and listening to music. She is a published author and is a featured author in the the 2nd volume of Short Sweet & Sacred.

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