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We all hit a point in our life where we experience longing and discontent and ask what’s next? Whether it’s in our jobs, relationships, health and well-being or time and money freedom, in this workshop you will discover your dreams and what you would love. You will learn how to move forward despite the limiting beliefs that are trying to knock you down. This powerful hour will show you the potential and possibilities you have to live a life you truly love.

“You are setting your sails into the great wind of life through your intention… If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know how to guide the ship that is the vessel of your life.”
Mary Morrissey

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About Mary Donatelli

Mary Donatelli

About Mary Donatelli

Mary Donatelli has a compassionate approach to guide clients seeking transformation and change in their life. Having experienced many obstacles in her own life, she understands the importance of making firm decisions and taking intentional steps. She is certified to teach multiple programs through the Brave Thinking Institute that are proven, reliable and repeatable. Mary believes it is never too late to live your dream, and absolutely loves helping others breakthrough to see their potential of infinite possibilities. Prior to coaching, Mary worked in the Corporate world for over 18 years and Film & TV for 10. On top of that, she has 30+ years studying healing modalities and self-growth, and brings layers of knowledge to guide each person through any transformation.

When Mary is not helping others achieve their dreams, she spends her time with her adult children, family, friends and BFF’s (best furry friends). She loves hiking, kayaking and exploring the world. From islands to small villages in Italy- she has visited over 35 countries, lived abroad and traveled to most of the U.S. She loves cooking primarily plant-based meals, practicing meditation, yoga, and listening to music. She is a published author and is a featured author in the 2nd volume of Short Sweet & Sacred.

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