Seasons and Intuition

Sep 15, 2022

Hello Beautiful Souls

It’s September 2022…what happened to the summer?   For those that live in a 4 –season environment, the changing of each season is very apparent to our 5 senses.   Sitting in my Mom’s cabin, in the “addition”, a  room surrounded with 5 foot windows looking out to the lake and woods, I visually can see the fall coming.  The geese are flying in V formation, the squirrels in a frantic hunt for food to store, the mergansers peddling on the lake in groups and the hummingbirds have moved on.  The sounds have changed. 

No longer are the Loons making their haunting calls throughout the summer night.  The chatter of the birds discuss their fall plans, as the rustle of leafs swirl in the wind with the chill of morning fog nestled on top of the water and under my skin.  

A quiet is on the lake.  Docks have been brought in- kids back in school.  The air smells and feels crisp.  A silence succumbs , experienced by all senses. A life of its own, the seasons of the lake life.  Mother Nature lets us know quite quickly where the seasons are in the  north woods. 

I’ve also lived in California, Hawaii, Texas and the deserts of Saudi Arabia- where the seasons are still there, but experienced in a different way. It maybe a shift in the winds, a drop of temperatures, nature blooming or a scurry in wildlife activity.  Our 5 senses sync to these seasonal changes. Google it- there are hundreds of articles on the topic.  Here’s a link to get your started: Chopra . Even pets go through a change.

But what about our sixth sense? Our intuitions and knowing? When we connect to this frequency- and learn to hear the voice- this can be the most powerful in the discovery of our inner seasons and rhythms. 

But how, how do I know which is my intuition and which is the logic or fear?

By listening, feeling and practice.  As Mary Morrissey, my mentor said in training- “how do you get to know your voice of intuition?  You get to know it like you get to know your best friend. Because you get interested in them. The more you get interested in them, you begin to recognize their voice.  It’s the same thing with your  own voice your own intuition.  It is an intelligent system, a pure, pristine intelligent system that will help guide you if you pay attention”.  In another training she pointed out that if it’s your intuition it is calm and a knowing. If it’s fear, it can be frantic and emotional..  Logic is just that, logical. Each serve their purpose for various functions of our human experience. Up until now, I struggled with distinguishing my intuition. I am still learning to listen through a daily practice and becoming aligned with my source.

 I want to share with you the ritual I practice 

Find a quiet place to meditate, be still,  un-disturbed for a few minutes..

Take 3-slow, deep breaths breathing in through your nose and out your mouth as if blowing through a straw. (taught by Master Coach Kirsten Welles).   As you finish your last breath, ask yourself a “what or a W” question that you are seeking guidance. See what comes to you.  

Write down every idea that came to you- silly, brilliant, illogical.  All our valuable.

Then take a breath, read them out-loud to yourself.  How does it make you feel?  Notice what you are noticing. Do you feel calm and expansive, excited? 

Or does it bring you anxiety?  The ones that bring you fear or anxiety- cross off and say “not now”.

Focus on the answers that were calm and if needed, ask a question directly to that answer.

Example questions: 

What would I love?

What can I do to grow my business?
What can I do to meet a loving partner?

Where should I move to?

What action step can I take towards this dream?

Who should I reach out to for advise?

The more you become “in tune” with your inner intelligence, your intuition, the quicker you will recognize it.  Remember, intuition is never fearful or emotional, it is a knowing. It can come to you in many forms; a hunch,  signs, calls, songs, inner-knowing.

So as the seasons come and go- and new questions for your life emerge – remember, there is power in the quiet within that will lead and guide you in truth.

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With Infinite Possibilities

Mary D.


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