Oct 15, 2022

Hello Beautiful Souls

chchchchchanges. Phew.  (thank you David Bowe) These past couple of  months have been, well, challenging.  I remind myself that “I am far stronger than any circumstance”.  I also remind myself “this is how my dream looks while it is all coming together”.  Yes, this I know as truth.

And then I want to say but…But, when you say but, you disregard what you just said-and what I just said is extremely important
to remember to move forward.

So, I use the word so.So, I made my move across the country to the Pacific Northwest.  My son drove with me through Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and then, Washington. Beautiful heartfelt moments of sharing, caring and tears. By day 3, yes, there was the Mom part of me catching myself using the phrase of “you should” “Why do you”… I reverted back to deep rooted limiting beliefs that do not empower or make someone feel expansive. I am human after all.   However, no, so-  what I am living and breathing everyday is to be is an expansive influence. Expansive to everyone I meet, coach, and love.  A Sea of Light- connected to something bigger than all of us, yet, still connected.  What are you doing to be expansive versus contractive?I moved into my new condo- seen only virtually.  It’s very nice, but, (I meant to use that) the street noise is a bit more than I am use to, especially coming off a north woods cabin where the loudest noises at night were loons (the bird type). I am a person that relishes in the quiet – to hear myself think. 

Perhaps this is the Universe giving me a challenge
to not live in the quiet but discover the quiet.

The condo layout is clean, fresh and represents new beginnings.  A fireplace, windows, patio and 2 smaller bedrooms. Another downsize.  Even though the landlord said I could break my lease because I complained about the noise, I decided to call it home for now.  Placing art that I love, the pillows, flowers, plants, crystals, rugs- it feels like me.  It’s interesting how we identify ourselves by our surroundings.  I am meditating on that one…soon.Even though the noise is high- the ambience is cozy- VERY Hygge . Pronounced “hyoo-guh” Aferall, I am half Danish and a quarter Norwegian- and when it comes to making a place warm, inviting and comfy- they have it right. Roughly translated is to live life in joy, comfort and warmth.  Which brings me to life. We can plan and plan- and yet, life doesn’t always go the way we have envisioned.  Marriages fail or you never marry. Kids go different directions or you don’t end up having kids.  Friendships hurt you- or you are alone.  Places are not what you hoped for.  Ahhh. Breathe. Did I stir up something in you?  We all have disappointments in our lives.  The question to ask yourself is “how did I handle it, what did I do to move forward”. Did you turn your discontent into a Hygge moment?  Every moment CAN be turned into Hygge. 

Because you have control of your thoughts. In the quiet of breaths, ask yourself“what can I do right now to make this a Hygge moment?”

Listen. Take Action. Live your life in expansion and coziness – live it in Hygge.All Bold words include links.  

With Infinite Possibilities

Mary D.


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